Trolls Band Togethe...
By Lukas7675
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This is like the extended version of Trolls Band Together, Because there wasn't a wedding scene in the end of the movie. And so I am re changing the movie to make it happen. When Branch will do his Proposal to Poppy, asking her to marry him. And so that it will be a royal wedding of the Broppy. So that it will be both a Coronation and a Weddings to celebrate in the end. Once the Bro-Zone will be unite, and it could be the end of the Trolls Legacy, but it's just the beginning, as everybody will said. So Here it is. From the makers of the Extended Version of Ruby Gillman, Teenage Gillman, Come the Special Edition of Trolls Band Together with Never Before Scenes, A Real Original Ennding, and a Dedication to Dame Olivia Newton-John, a singer who is not here with us, but to honor her in memory with a song that Poppy and Branch will duet once again, when Branch's secret is revealed. With Special Appearances by the Other Trolls from Trolls World Tour. It's A Movie that runs about 125 Minutes, and not even a scratch from a record player. So enjoy this version, better then the theatrical version. This Transcript is Rated PG for Some Mild Rude and Suggestive humor.

The Opening/Branch's Brothers

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Trolls Ba...
by Lukas7675