The Age of Broken H...
By thaibldramalover
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Ayan has just moved to a flat to start to live on his own and show his mother that he can move on from his uncle's death but a few days later he's been hearing loud noises from the opposite room. Glass breaking, fighting, arguing and all of the sounds leading to domestic violence. When he meets his neighbor Alan for the second time, he sees bruises on his charming face and red swollen bags under his charismatic eyes. What will he do? Will he be able to free Alan from his toxic relationship? All the rights belong to the owners of Moonlight Chicken and The Eclipse. Mine is just this idea ♥. This story is a sequel to Born to meet you but it's not necessary to read the previous story as the main couple is different.

Ch. 1 ~ New life

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The Age o...
by thaibldramalover