I Knew You Were Tro...
By MrsNiallHoran
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Niall Horan is the only gay guy in his school, and when he came out, the whole school (save for his best mate Liam Payne) turned against him. Double Trouble is the name of the group that tortures him daily - this group consists of the gorgeous but evil step-brothers, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. They come up with a scheme to break the school's fag for good, and if they pull it off, it'll be their best prank yet - seduce him and then break his heart and tell his secrets to the whole school. They make it into a game - every sexual/romantic act earns you points, and whoever seduces him first wins all the objects the other bet. But what happens when a simple game turns into something more? When it comes down to the time to betray Niall, can the two lads really do it? Are they really cruel enough to break the heart that they tried so hard to win over?

I Knew You Were Trouble - Narry/Ziall AU fanfic

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I Knew Yo...
by MrsNiallHoran