[BL] Villain Player...
By frisbeeeeeeeeeee
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快穿之反派玩家 作者︰王子愛吃肉 [BL, MTL] [The heart-throb and vicious beauty Shou vs. the stable and paranoid sinister Gong] Zhou Tang is a demon in the interstellar prison that everyone is afraid of. Under his exquisite skin is a murderous and ruthless soul. What he is best at is sweet words, his lips are dyed with poison, and he holds a poisonous blade in his hand. Countless people crawl at his feet. Until his torture in the interstellar prison ended, he was bound by a system calling itself 1805 and traveled through every world. 1805: Host, our mission this time is... Zhou Tang: Kill them all? 1805: No! ! ! 1805 feels very tired. Is this a proper villain behavior? Who will help me take care of the host... Wuwuwuwu... Later, a person really appeared. He stood at the top of justice. He used his body as a cage, used his affectionate words to encircle Zhou Tang, and used his love to judge and put Zhou Tang on the throne. . Romantic until death. Zhou Tang was born a scum, but he was willing to be tamed by the light before dawn.

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[BL] Vill...
by frisbeeeeeeeeeee