Rose Star [Female A...
By UnePetiteFleurNoire
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Luo Xiuming, a high-achieving student at the Military Academy, travels back in time to the interstellar war era a thousand years ago. He takes on the role of the down-and-out Omega son of the Kappa Star's noble family. While his siblings climb the social ladder through marriages, Luo Xiuming, as a weak Omega with faint pheromones, is considered a worthless outcast by his family and subjected to harsh treatment. One day, at a peaceful dance, Luo Xiuming encounters Yin Xingrou, a female Alpha who is not recognized at the time. She takes a keen interest in him. To break free from his family's control, Luo Xiuming asks her to take him away. Yin Xingrou smiles and says, "Alright, let's get married." ... Luo Xiuming runs away, and soon, news of his marriage with the wandering star fleet spreads. Being associated with the wandering star fleet is a disgrace to his family! His furious father disowns him, and his siblings issue a galactic wanted order to eliminate him completely. Yin Xingrou says with excitement, "How thrilling." It seems she's got herself a troublesome husband. Chinese Title: 玫瑰星[女A男O] Source: Translation Software: gpt-3.5-turbo I do not own this, just uploading a mtl translated version because I can't find a translation anywhere else

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Rose Star...
by UnePetiteFleurNoire