Academy for the Str...
By LaurenDMSmith
  • Fantasy
  • academy
  • dryad
  • fiction
  • human
  • life
  • school
  • selkie
  • strange
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When Fiona ends up at St. Lawrence Academy according to her mom's wishes, she isn't expecting what she finds. She can handle the school's private plane, that the academy is located on its own private island and she can even take the fact that she's the only transfer student they've had in years. What she can't handle is the fact she's the only human in school. Because St. Lawrence Academy isn't just for learning math, English, and art. No, it's a school for the supernatural to learn how to fit in among humans. Forced to hide what she is and pretend to be a dryad, something she'd never even heard of before, Fiona has to do her best to fit in or lose the only place she has to go.

Chapter 1: A New School

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Academy f...
by LaurenDMSmith