I Could Neva (JGE R...
By Pink23__
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JGE Retro, a Lil Shawn (Tab) and Cameron ( Shad) story. Shawn had everything you'd dream of. His uncle was Nelly so he had something special. When he turned 13 his mom passed from Leukemia, all he had was his younger sister Sydney and his cousins aka Nelly's children ( Nana and Tré). Shawn wanted to be just like his uncle so he got into rapping and came up with "JGE" with his childhood friend Shad. Today Lil Shawn is a little cocky and is a player. He attends Extreme Institute and is known for sleeping with every girl there. That is until Sasha came along and changed everything. It was still not perfect after all. Maybe Sasha couldn't handle Tab and his lifestyle. (story contains nonfictional and fictional events and dialogue)

Chapter 1...It Was All A Dream

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I Could N...
by Pink23__