Silently the Senses...
By LHStylinson
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"You know, the answer to everything. You know all there is to know in the universe. Crunch the numbers. Tell me the answer. What's the point of love if it's just gonna disappear? And how is it worse to not love anybody? There has to be meaning to existence. Otherwise, the universe is just made of pain, and I don't like the thought of that, so tell me the answer." "If there were an answer I could give you to how the universe works, it wouldn't be special. It would just be machinery fulfilling its cosmic design. It would just be a big, dumb food processor. But since nothing seems to make sense, when you find something or someone that does, it's euphoria." -The Good Place Louis and Harry's love of music helps them find each other. And in one night, euphoria.

Chapter 1

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by LHStylinson