1. The Fight-Bellar...
By jordazfen
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BOOK 1 <> MILD LANGUAGE WARNING "If you hadn't have done that, then we wouldn't be down here. I wouldn't be stuck with you, in this tent and I wouldn't have gotten the girl... So take a walk, Spacewalker." He said smugly. What just happened... "Er...what?" I hesitated... unsure of what I was to say next... "And you saw what in the guy?" Bellamy inquired, his back still towards me. A new Bellarke fanfiction using the characters created by Kass Morgan and Jason Rothenberg from the'The 100' universe. This book is based on the TV Show, none of the characters belong to me... Any additional characters and/or scenarios in the book however, do belong to me. I am slowly going through each chapter, changing it all to 3rd person rather than POV, so I apologise if it switches halfway through for you :) OKAY DAMN ITS 2018, I LOG IN AFTER 3 YEARS AND THIS IS AT 400,000+ READS I AM BLESSSSSED thank you all it means so much that my obsession with two fictional characters really has been doing bits for people these last three years!

1. Sent to die

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1. The Fi...
by jordazfen