The Road to Rebirth...
By UnePetiteFleurNoire
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Xiao's family rebelled, and the entire family was executed. She looked at the young man who had become dumbfounded after falling to the ground and smiled bitterly. She thought Xie Chuchen was too naive. He married her, was completely manipulated by her, yet he still spared no effort to save her. When she opened her eyes again, she had returned to her wedding day, and that husband who had been troubled by her was sneaking in through the back door... In this second chance at life, Xiao Wan was determined. In this lifetime, she would definitely torment the scum woman and worthless man from before. At the same time, she would turn over a new leaf, revive the Xiao family. What shocked her even more was that her husband turned out to be so tender, affectionate, loyal, and easily pushed over. What had she been blinded by in her past life? She had actually failed to cherish him! In this second chance, she was determined to spoil him to the max! One sentence: After being reborn, the scum woman strives and struggles, desperately spoiling her husband, tormenting the scum man and woman, and ascending to the peak of life! Note: Heartwarming husband spoiling, scum tormenting, reborn female supremacy, 1V1, HE! (Full description too long for wattpad) Chinese Title: 重生宠夫之路 Other Title Translations: Rebirth: The Journey of a Wife Spoiling Her Husband Source: NovelUpdate: MTLNovel: Translation Software: gpt-3.5-turbo I do not own this, just uploading a mtl translated version for pronouns

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The Road...
by UnePetiteFleurNoire