Savage Grace
By TeresaMummert
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*Sneak peek at my new novel Savage Grace* I'm embarrassed to admit I don't live up to my name -Grace Savage. I am neither refined nor fierce. But my future stepbrother was both. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and willing to wield it as a weapon - it was no surprise that he was revered at Hidden Hills High. Ryatt "Handsome" Ransom was as beautiful as he is brutal. And when he decided I was a problem, there was no escaping his wrath. He vowed to ruin me. And he would have, had I not stumbled upon one of his many secrets. Just when I thought I'd gained some semblance of control, I realized Ryatt doesn't play fair. There is no honor among thieves, and Handsome Ransom would steal my heart to spite me, no matter the cost. Savage Grace is book #1 in the Grace series.

Prologue - Ryatt

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Savage Gr...
by TeresaMummert