Egonoia: Me, Myself...
By LunaJordan26
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Luna Jordan (L. J.) was born in North Carolina, and currently lives in Greenville with her parents, siblings, and three cats. Since a young age, she has been writing whatever comes to mind, whether it be her feelings or a story she made up in her head. Her biggest ambition is to self-publish over twenty books. Years ago, when she was still in school, she took up a survey challenge when she was bored and chronically online, and she rushed through it. Now, she's taking that survey challenge again because, while she has very little to say about most things featured in it, she also has plenty on her mind that she's been dying to let out. She's absolutely terrified by the potential response she'll unlikely gain, but she needs someone else to know these things because she hopes that others will relate and find comfort in knowing they aren't alone, just like she very slowly figured out when she was constantly watching YouTube and socializing on social media.

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