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I'm living with a girl name Yuki who has no memory of her past and this over protective boy named Zero,who is a vampire, but hates vampires (Go figure) . He also practically won't let me do what I want. I know I play my game boy and I don't get a lot asleep but that DOESN'T MEAN HE HAS THE RIGHT TO- "NO GIVE ME BACK MY GAME,ZERO! You see what I mean! And the worst part my father, who killed my mom implanted a curse mark on my neck. I can never express my true hatred. I thought I can simply ignore it but it just keeps getting worse : ZeroXOC slightly Takuma . BOOK 2 IS ALREADY UP (FORGOTTEN MEMORIES) ATTENTION TO ALL WHO ARE ABOUT TO READ UNERASABLE MEMORIES I did not create this awesome cover my fanfiction. Jleighc99 is drew it. All credit for her ** pictures on the sides during the story is made by AngelaNoche ^0^ ** awesomeness goes to her (^0^) Thank you:)

Unerasable Memories: Vampire Knight

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by Blackenflames