C a p t u r e d
By sandersensarah
  • Vampire
  • arrogant
  • bipolar
  • blood
  • captive
  • dark
  • death
  • fight
  • hunters
  • insane
  • kidnapped
  • lies
  • madness
  • pet
  • possessive
  • psychological
  • secrets
  • survival
  • vampire
  • vampires
  • violent


When Laurie Cortez is kidnapped by one of the world's most notorious vampires, she makes a vow to herself: to destroy him. But as he forces his way into her life, one thing is made clear.... For the first time, Laurie has met her match. Will she defeat the vampire? Or will she become unable to resist him? Evil forces lurk everywhere, and this ordeal just might kill her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highest Ranking: #60 in Vampire Gorgeous cover by the amazing @Anika211 :) Also to my readers: This story is now completed! The sequel is up too, and it is called Sanity and Vampires! :) WARNING: This story is vamp/horror. So if you are of any age and can not stand horror, please do not read it. © 2016 All rights reserved. No part of this literary work may be reproduced or used without written consent from the author.

1: Obsession

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C a p t u...
by sandersensarah