My Home
By _anonymouswriter7_
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Have you ever felt that there are people around you but still no one is there for you? Have you ever felt like the second option on everyone's list? Have you ever felt you want to cry but don't have a shoulder to cry on? Have you ever felt that for once you want someone to care for you? Have you ever felt that you want to take this mask of being an independent girl? I am Avani Chopra and I am the one who is feeling all these things. Being introverted, an overthinker, the first child in an Indian family, being a girl is never easy. For the first time in my life, I wanted someone to whom I could call My Home. Will I be able to find that person or search lead me to take the wrong path? ##########About Update######## As per the votes I get. Just kidding will update as per my schedule but once a week is a promise.

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My Home
by _anonymouswriter7_