The Eminence in Sha...
By Lighningtzzz
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Kazuto Kirigaya had finally found the tranquillity he'd longed for. With his beloved circle of dear friends, they relished a peaceful life in the real world. The days of virtual battles in Sword Art Online felt like distant memories, and he reveled in the joy of ordinary existence. Yet, fate had a different path in mind. One serene evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, he found himself inexplicably transported to a world unknown. Standing amidst a mystical forest, he knew this wasn't Aincrad or any world he'd seen before. Kazuto had been reincarnated into a new world, precisely into Midgar Kingdom. As he began to unravel the mysteries of this realm, a daunting mission emerged. In order to return to his world, he had to shatter the iron grip of the nefarious Cult of Diablos, an organization that threatened the peace of that world. The task seemed both simple and complex - destroy the cult, or remain trapped in this unfamiliar land forever...

Chapter 1: When It All Started

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The Emine...
by Lighningtzzz