[BL] His Little Bab...
By frisbeeeeeeeeeee
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[BL, MTL] 他的小宝贝太娇气_风荷举哦【完结+番外】 (Completed + Extras [lots of extras]) Delicate, soft and sweet, the little stuttering boy is attacked by a sinister and ruthless boss in the early stage who pursues his wifey and dotes on him in the later stage.   Lin Huamian clenched his fists with red eyes, "I'm not a little stammer, I just speak slowly..."   Jiang Han rubbed the soft waist of the person in his arms, "Well, Mianmian speaks slowly and nicely."   Lin Huamian tugged at the short skirt on his body, lay on the man's body and cried, "No, I don't want to wear it, a small skirt..."   Jiang Han held his hand and smiled lowly in his ear, "If Mianmian dares to be found out to be a boy, he will be thrown into the sea and fed to the fish."   As a result, Lin Huamian could only work as a coolie on Mr. Jiang's island during the day, and at night he wore a small skirt and went to Mr. Jiang's bed to do coolie work.   As a result, as I was doing it, the little stuttering belly became round.   "Eat, eat to get fat, I need to lose weight..."   "Mianmian is not fat, but he is pregnant with the baby."

A Coquettish Little Stutterer

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[BL] His...
by frisbeeeeeeeeeee