The way of life...
By iloveneteyamxoxo_
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"I was 15 when we left the forest to live amongst the Metkayina clan. When the war broke out. When we fought to survive. It's hard enough to be human living with the Na'vi but the sully's always made me feel as though I was one of them, Neytiri took a while to warm up to me but She considers me as one of her own now, I have always been close with the sully kids, especially neteyam we have been best friends since I jake found me, he always brings me everywhere with him, he's always protecting me, but now I wonder how he will protect me here in this new place, and how am supposed to fit in when I'm already an outcast?" --------- DISCLAMERS!!! -swearing -blood -violence Hi this is my new book I'm mostly writing it for myself because I keep having dreams about it, im not very good at writing discriptions but this book is somewhat based off of the film avatar the way of water expect I have my own little scenes that did not happen. This book is about how people from 2 worlds can fall in love and have an unbreakable bond and how they overcome the impossible. I hope you enjoy and happy reading!!

Chapter 1 - the beginning

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The way o...
by iloveneteyamxoxo_