Road To Recovery (A...
By SallyMason1
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THIS IS THE SEQUEL OF "LIVING WITH THE CHOICES WE MAKE". THE BLURB BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE BOOKS IN SEQUENCE. The enemy is always just around the corner... After her release from jail, Rena is trying to piece her life back together. Just when things seem to be getting better, old wounds are torn open by none other than Brent's father -- Ryan Parks. He's not only set on putting her behind bars for killing his beloved son but also attempts to take the one thing away from her that has been keeping her sane. Confronted with the nightmares of her past, Rena's battle starts all over again. Yet, on the other side of the country, another woman is fighting her own wars. On the surface, Charlotte Parks is just one of Ryan's many minions but deep down, she holds a secret that could be the key to Rena's redemption. When their two worlds collide in the fight for the one thing they want the most, they have to make a choice; and that choice will alter their lives forever. Authors Note: This story contains topics about child abuse and domestic violence as well as important social issues such as discrimination, dangers of alcohol, drug abuse and date rape. Please do not read this book if you find any of these topic disturbing. It is not designed to upset anyone but to raise awareness. Copyright@2015 by Sally Mason All rights reserved Cover by @Lucyface

1 - In Front Of The Mirror

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Road To R...
by SallyMason1