Learning Your World...
By Lanasfavwriter
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: ̗̀➛ And he had said, "Darling, your looks can kill, so now you're dead. Touch me. I want you to touch me there, make me feel like I am breathing- feel like I am human ❞ -- "Sorry but- i ate that thing.." Six words, that's all it took for a new chapter to begin in Itadori's life. One where he now battles a cursed alpha, Sukuna, from within. The average beta had been transformed overnight, becoming prone to situations that were common for everyone born into the second gender. Plus dealing with a spirit who's personality and very existence was looked down upon. But.. somehow, someway, Itadori pushed through. A burning desire to save those in need and end those who thrive on destruction. It wasn't until Sukuna began displaying interest in Megumi, an omega, did yet another problem get sent their way. Of course, this wasn't going to be an issue for long, not when Satoru Gojo was around! Their teacher immediately setting up a new training program for Itadori to complete; Learning control. Seemed easy enough- just ignore Fushiguro and all would be well! Though, Itadori didn't think these sessions would get so difficult.. it almost felt as if the omega was purposely making things harder. Not only for Sukuna- but for himself, too. • "Fushi..guro.. this has gone far enough, haven't i done alright? You're gonna get us kicked out!" "Are you telling me you don't enjoy this?" "N-no.. im saying, that if you get me started, I won't be able to stop.." -- This book contains :: Omegaverse Itafushi Smut (mentioned & written) Fluff & Angst Canon personalities Omega Megumi Alpha/Beta Itadori Gojo as the best dad :( Inspired by : A little death by The Neighborhood

Switching Sides

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by Lanasfavwriter