Patrice's Story (A...
By SallyMason1
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To an outsider, Patrice's family is the perfect image of the American Dream. Her stepfather is a successful lawyer, they live in a mansion and she has always had everything she ever wanted. But behind the well kept facade, violence and abuse dominate Patrice's life. Marcus rules his family with an iron fist and does not tolerate any form of opposition or disobedience. And one night, he takes it a step further -- and there is no one around to come to Patrice's aid. This Novella can be read independently from "Living With The Choices We Make" however, it contains references to the main story and it would be beneficial to read both for completeness. Authors Note: This is a story about abuse and domestic violence and has been rated mature due themes and language contained in this book. Please do not read this book if you find this topic disturbing. It is not designed to upset anyone but to raise awareness. Copyright ©2016 by Sally Mason All rights reserved Cover by @Lucyface

1 - The First Time

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