The Rose Garden (3)...
By happyathello13
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"Okay, hear me out. We are stuck in the house with nothing to do, we could do something productive while we have time to kill." "We wrote and released an entire album, Grace. What sounds more productive than that?" Quarantine is driving them up the wall. There's only so many days you can spend sitting next to the same person, in the same house, doing the same things before someone snaps... or comes up with a crazy idea on how to change life as they know it. Grace had been through many phases of life, but the one she and Taylor are about to enter together might just be the most daunting (and exciting) yet. She still feels pretty lucky, even if she's downright terrified of what's to come. - An alternate universe to my story 'Stay' and the subsequent one shots, same characters, completely different life. This is the third piece to the 'Camera Flashes' series, following 'The Lucky One'. As with all my stories, this book contains mature themes and sensitive subject matter and is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised. - This is a work of fiction and I only own original characters and not Taylor Swift, her works or any other living and mentioned people. Persons and or opinions are fictional and not meant to cause harm to anyone living or dead. Do not reproduce or adapt.


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The Rose...
by happyathello13