The Persistence of...
By ScarletteDrake
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A married writer begins a passionate and destructive affair with a tortured artist, not knowing he has loved her since they met thirteen years ago. ***** Eloise Airens sat as a model for an art class thirteen years ago, where a damaged young artist, Aidan Foley, fell in love with her. For him, she was everything. For her, he was just a face in the crowd. But thirteen years later, Eloise's marriage is struggling and she ends up at Aidan's latest art show in New York. He's immediately drawn to her as he's never gotten over his obsession, and she's drawn to him because despite his pretentious art, only he can make her feel truly alive. Despite trying to save her marriage and stay true to her values, Eloise can't escape the pull of the talented, brooding, yet tortured Aidan Foley. Will she stay with the world she knows, or risk everything? And more importantly, will she do so before Aidan tells her about their strange past? [[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]

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The Persi...
by ScarletteDrake