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IN WHICH- James Potter couldn't stand Jayah "Arena" Fitzgerald. Her guts? He hated. She uses the court even in days when she knows his team has practice, and she's just all over. Every time he goes there at unusual hours of the day, she's already there. His friends thinks he's insane, but he is going to stand by what he says all the time. Jayah Fitzgerald is a weird stalker fan of some sort. OR Jayah Fitzgerald has always loved to skate. In high school, her school had tournaments all over the state, and she was always first. She was a perfectionist indeed, every thread on her costumes had to perfectly crafted. Every routine had to be unique but classy, graceful but impressive. She was always aiming to stand out from everyone else on the ice and her presence could be intimidating , but off of it? She wouldn't hurt a fly. That's why she's confused when a certain hockey player is always mugging her, when all she trying to do and train for her first adult league competition. She vowed herself to win, or at least make finals. And that's exactly what she was going to do. ...maybe. • • • started- august 30th ended- ?? modern marauders au


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by -heartromance