Amore Vendetta (Tae...
By xabish
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Taehyung, ensconced within a meticulously constructed fa├žade, remains blissfully oblivious to the impending peril. His tranquil existence is abruptly upended, thrust into tumult, as the sins of the past surge forth, exploiting him as an instrument of retribution. In the ruthless theater orchestrated by Jungkook, who bears the scars of a legacy steeped in agony, a calculated scheme unfurls-a labyrinthine design of vengeance, with Taehyung ensnared as its unsuspecting pawn. The tendrils of Jungkook's vendetta against the formidable Kim dynasty weave intricate patterns, every step striking at the heart of their influence. Yet, amidst the relentless pursuit of ruin, a revelation takes root-Taehyung's guileless purity wields an unforeseen influence,corroding the very foundation of vengeance that Jungkook seeks to wield. Boundaries blur, emotions entwine, and Jungkook's unwavering determination falters in the face of unforeseen emotions. The odyssey toward retribution evolves into a poignant duet, a wrenching choreography of innocence clashing against vengeance, as two divergent worlds converge in an explosion of raw emotions. See if Taehyung's innocence can shatter or shelter the periodic vengeance. Top: JungKook Bottom: Taehyung

A Birthday to Remember

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Amore Ven...
by xabish