After Leaving the S...
By dahannaur9172
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Title: "I Cultivated N World Champions"←=.= The Real Title Should Actually Be This, Ahem, Quietly Highlighting Su Bai, as an athlete with no promising future in track and field, decides to apply for retirement due to a lack of hope for performance improvement . However, when he officially submits his retirement application, something strange happens in his mind - the appearance of a "Super Idol System"?! The problem is, this system seems a bit out of the ordinary... His first task is to practice basic knife skills for an hour? And the reward he receives after completing the task is a position as the chef of the S Province Sports Team? Hold on, is this an idol system or a chef development system? Later on, Chef Su Bai becomes the team's legendary figure. The most talented athlete in the team praises Su Bai's cooking as the best in the world. The notorious troublemaker in the team is willing to do anything for Chef Su. Even athletes who originally had poor performance and considered retiring thank Chef Su for suggesting they switch to another event, believing they can compete until the 2024 Olympics! With Su Bai acquiring more and more skills, he finally realizes that this is not just a chef development system - it's a superstar coach development system! Years later, when a reporter interviews the nationally renowned coach Su Bai, the journalist enthusiastically asks, "How did you make athletes who are not much younger than you obedient and disciplined?" Su Bai remains silent for a moment and sighs, "Well, I guess if they don't listen, they won't get to eat the food I make." Journalist: ????? One-sentence Summary: I've nurtured numerous world champions and dominated the world of sports. Theme: Leading exceptional athletes to achieve world dominance in the sports arena. ------ Completed (296 Chapters + 9 Extras) | Started: 08/26/2023 End: 10/20/2023 P.S. Full credit to the author | Not my novel Edited MTL by me (dapotaturs) Not the Official Story Cover

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After Lea...
by dahannaur9172