Red Tsundere Girlfr...
By KnightRider_35
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Izuku Midoriya-Yagi when he was diagnosed quirkless his sister and friend bully him trying for him not to be a hero. But his mother and step father along with his father and stepmom supported him. When he was 8 his quirk awakened Elemental Blade where he was almost killed by his sister. As his friend saw this they realized what they have done but what they didn't know was that Inko and AM saw this and they are beyond pissed. For Izuku's mental health Inko talk with his father and he also was pissed and they both decided to send Izuku to live with him until UA. As Izuku left happy knowing he is going to be with his dad. Izumi and her friends don't want this but he left. Years later, Izuku has become quite strong and Nezu decided to do a 2 month trip to France Hero schools where they will see what is different from UA to hero schools at UA. They go where Izuku's crew goes and a certain red Tsudenre who happens to be his girlfriend is happy that he is back.

Going To France

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Red Tsund...
by KnightRider_35