Hedda Mikaelson
By ceryn21
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Little Hedda Mikaelson saved Klaus' life when Mikael attempted to kill him 1,000 years ago. As a result, Hedda died instead and the Mikaelson family fell apart at the tragic loss of their precious little girl who was loved by them all. When Katherine Pierce tricks Bonnie Bennett into performing a complex resurrection spell, Hedda is thrown into a new life, with people and places she's never seen before. Katerina is the only person who knows who she is but she won't explain why Hedda is so important or why it's so vital they all put her safety first- even over Elena's. Hedda struggles to adjust as she misses her family, being totally unaware they are not far away at all. With the news of a human doppelgänger spreading, she won't have to wait long to reunite with her family. 1 in #Klaus 1 in #KlausMikaelson 1 in #ElijahMikaelson 1 in #KolMikaelson 1 in #RebekahMikaelson 1 in #FinnMikaelson 1 in #HenrikMikaelson 1 in #TheOriginals 1 in #TheVampireDiaries 32 in #Elijah


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Hedda Mik...
by ceryn21