Catching Avery
By meclayton2016
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What do you get when you mix beer, tequila, and sexual fantasies? Don't ask. Avery With a great job, two of the greatest friends ever, a supportive brother, and an apartment all her own, Avery Ellis didn't have much to complain about. Well...if she could just ignore how every guy that she's ever been with has cheated on her, then she had nothing to complain about. Still, other than her love life, Avery's life was pretty uncomplicated. That is, until disaster strikes like lightning. Disaster = Nicholas Savage, her boss. Nicholas With a successful business, two of the most loyal friends ever, more money than he'll ever need, and the world pretty much at his fingertips, Nicholas Savage had no complaints. Well...if he didn't count his childhood and his trust issues, then he had nothing to complain about. Still, other than his issues with women, Nicholas' life was pretty magnificent. That is, until temptation crashes out of control. Temptation = Avery Ellis, his employee. Oh, the web we weave... With a girls' night that's turned into a disaster, and a guys' night that's turned into possible felonious kidnapping charges, Avery finds herself unable to resist everything that is Nicholas Savage, regardless of the fact that he is her boss. In a classic cliché, Avery and Nicholas end up breaking all the rules. Their connection is undeniable, but then so is the baggage they both carry around with them. With trust being an issue for both of them, everything comes crashing down all around them when old ghosts start showing up and begin haunting them both. Avery finds herself regretting that damn glitter and peanut butter fantasy, and Nicholas finds himself regretting being such a terrible wingman. NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, violence, abuse, and some really horrible karaoke singing. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

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by meclayton2016