Just a Pucking Grum...
By SofiaMKay
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Kat has made up her mind. Her v-card has to go. But who should be the one to take it? With an overbearing brother, she has to find a moment when he's not there to stop her. So while visiting another city, she decides it's time to give it a shot. She finds the perfect man and they soon head to his hotel room. But her inexperience gives her away, and he refuses to go through with it. Embarrassed and still a virgin, she expects never to see him again... Brick has a rule. He only sleeps with experienced women. Women who can tell him what they want and, most importantly, what they don't want. Because of previous relationships, he is self conscious about expressing what he wants in bed. But he knows a virgin will not be able to handle him. Just a Pucking Grumpy Goalie is a New Adult, College Sports Romance with a forbidden relationship and starcrossed lovers. (❤️18+ recommended❤️)

Chapter 1 - Do you want to stay a virgin?

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Just a Pu...
by SofiaMKay