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Destiny is a strange fickle matter, often bringing together the unlikeliest of friendships and the oddest of romantic pairings; it even tends to drive those same relations apart, in due time. Another thing about fate is: you never see it coming. In the earliest week of November, year of two-thousand and six, within the Kanto region of Japan, the lives of three people begin to crossway: an innocent young woman with a secret lifestyle, recently returned from England; a normal (by most person's standards) young male living alone, with a strong desire to just live a full, perhaps rich, life, like anyone would wish for themselves; and a strange, intemperate young female with a past that's catching up to her. Yes, destiny is a strange fickle matter, indeed. ---------- Caitlin Glass as Anju Christina Vee as Hotaru Greg Ayres as Hajime We don't own anything except the ocs and ideas involving them. Everything else goes to the creator of Death Note. I, Luna, remain the original author of the original story, alongside former co-writing partner, Taiga. The timeline we're using is a mixture of the manga and anime but mainly follows the anime. Copyright © 2010(ish)-2024, LunaTheAwesomeJordan, Taiga, and Lady Umbreon

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