The Prince in Disgu...
By Moon_Girl495
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(Book Trailer inside!) Once upon a time, in a city far far away. Lives a girl named Valeria, who dreams of become like her mother, a grea fashion designer. Meanwhile, in Arlandia, lives a man named Kevin, princ of Arlandia. He would be king in a few months, but before he could be he needs to find a suitable bride. And to choose his decision wisely he goes under a disguise, but when he finds her, how would she take the news of him being royalty? Who would ever think that Valeria would be that girl? There's only one choice to make Dream~Or~Love? Love, lies, truth, and friendships are revealed along the way. Is Valeria's faith strong enough to make the right choice? Love or dream that is the question. Is she ready to give 'A Heart Full of Love for the Prince in Disguise'?


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The Princ...
by Moon_Girl495