Perfect - Marianas...
By DoNotResuscitate
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A story about love, heartbreak, growing up and living life :) This story follows the main charactor of Amberley Jane Webb, she is Matt webbs Little sister. Matt being a very protective older brother, loves is baby sister A LOT and will do ALMOST ANYTHING to protect her, which becomes a bit of a challenge when she starts to grow up and develop a new and interesting take on life. Josh Ramsay.. Matt's band mate, the lead singer of Marianas Trench, him and Matt have been friends forever thus he has known Amberley since she was fairly young. he's always know her a Baby Webb or brain child, well that is until she grows up and he just cant seem to keep his eyes off her. What will happen with this somewhat forbidden romance? How will this story pan out? well you will ahve to read to find out and there a few a surprises along the way like appearences from Alex gascarth and the other member of all time low and well as simple plan and These kids wear crowns! :) A/N : i will try and keep this story as close to actual event details for these bands but some things might change depending on how the story pans out. Enjoy!! Also! i do not take credit for anything related to any bands i mention! everything that i am writing is just fiction even though they are passed on true events this is all made up in my story. thankyou! :)

Chapter 1 - Surprises

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by DoNotResuscitate