The Beast And The P...
By suzangill98
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Reinan Andersan A prodigy who earns thousands with a flick of her finger and then spends hours distributing it on the people in need. A female robin hood in our present world who doesn't steal the money she donates, rather earns it. Cute, down to earth and destined to take over her fathers company. She thought she had it all in life. Until she met him. The Beast He was a bad news dressed in black. King of the underground fighting, he had to bleed for every penny he earned. Downright practical and a speaker of few words. He hated talking. And couldn't bear anyone except his 3 younger siblings. He hated distractions and she came to his boxing ring wearing just his t shirt. He hated bullshit and all she utters in complete nonsense. He hated anyone coming close to his family and she showed up on his door everyday with a smile on her lips and takeway in her hands. He hated taking favours and she secretly donated millions for his sisters treatment. Reina wasn't his priority. She will never be a part of his family. She was just an uncalled burden. But then Reina has never lost a trade before and there is no away she was going to pull back on love.


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The Beast...
by suzangill98