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I was born an assassin. I liked being one, so I took on many jobs and killed people. My parents weren't happy, so they got another family to adopt me when I was 10. Living with that family was torture. When I was 13, I saw my parents training with each other and having fun. Not thinking twice, I killed them. For making me suffer on my own. I regretted it. From then on, I stopped being an assassin and kept my old self away and started a new life in Kunugigaoka Junior High, the most famous junior high school in Tokyo, and where my foster father, Asano Gakuho, was the principal. Things went well. Until I was dropped into Class 3-E on my last year in that school because of my poor grades. Ever since then, my foster father started treating me like trash. I hated his cold, harsh and horrible attitude towards me. Then, most of the moon was gone. The culprit became my teacher. And the 3-E students had the highest chance to kill him. That was when my bloodlust came back, together with my assassin self. I used to be Aoyama Suzuki. Now I am Asano Suzuki. I am in Class 3-E, also known as the End Class. And also the Assassination Classroom.


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by AkashiSeiyura