Siya Ke Ansh
By sancasm
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Untill yesterday she was Vihaan Singhania's bride... How did she end up marrying Ayansh Singhania!!! Ayansh Singhania- 26 years old, billionaire. A sanskari munda. The ameer dad ki sudhri hui aulaad. Didn't believe in the law of attraction, so gave up on even hopes of 'her' in his life. But destiny had other plans. "Aisa mat karo na, meri jaan hi nikal jaegi." Siya Gupta- 24 years old, physician. She can be bold yet shy at the same time. Apne papa ki achi beti. Ambitious yet humble. Who would have thought her best friend or I should say her soon to be fiancé would turn out to be the cupid between her and his brother's love. "Aap kya kar rahe hai, koi dekh lega." She wants him but not a perfect book boyfriend. He surrenders himself to her just the way she never imagined. Read Siya ke Ansh to witness how Siya and Ayansh fix into each other's life like puzzle pieces. #6 in top 10 in India (15.02.24) #12 in arranged (7.08.2023) #1 in dreamy (18.08.2023) #4 in gentle (25.09.2023) #4 in shy (29.09.2023) #1 in southasian (07.10.2023) #1 in loyal (16.10.2023) #7 in protective (16.01.24)


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Siya Ke A...
by sancasm