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~~~ He stared at the tiny girl that stood in front of his door. He had hoped to be alone tonight. To have some time to himself, but with her, it was never how he wanted. " Are the girls arguing again?" He asked hoarsely. Her bambi eyes remained glued to his as she shook her head, clutching onto the tiny stuffed bear in her small arms. " Did you have another nightmare?" He leaned tiredly against the frame of his door. She shook her head again and shuffled in place. " Can't sleep?" He sighed heavily. Her brown waves bounced ever so slightly as she nodded her head. Of course. He didn't utter another word, moving out of the way so she could make her beeline to his bed. She crawled under the duvet, her eyes still on him as she waited eagerly for him to join. " Go to sleep, Naeva." He mumbled, closing the door behind him. ~ ~ ~ She was the quiet girl who had nothing and saw the good in everyone. He was the cold introvert/ nerd who had girls at his feet and friends he didn't know what to do with. He offered to help her one night. He offered his comfort, presence and bed. It was supposed to be a one time thing, but she kept coming back.


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