Hold Me Tight BTS;S...
By ItsPow
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[sequel to previous book Let Me Know] You still shine You're still like a scented flower Now trust me, hold me once again So I can feel you, hold me Without you, I can't breathe I'm nothing without you Open my closed heart, drench my heart So I can feel you, hold me. My heart began to drum in my chest as I muffled my cries I stared at him emptily. The vague hole in my chest pleaded for him to hold me, hold me tight. "Solbi." He whispered in the fog of this unraveling night. "I remember". Kim Solbi has tried to move on for four years since the doctor gave her the news. But she can't, she can't forget about the troublesome who stole her heart. Min Yoongi. Consumed by insomnia and a habit of drinking her problems away Kim Solbi is turning into a ticking time bomb, until one day she meets Park Chanyeol the funny and talented young man. What happens when the one she loves the most suddenly wakes up from a choma with memory loss? Will it already be too late to restore a past love.

Chapter 1:

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Hold Me T...
by ItsPow