Submissive Part 3...
By ladydianna01
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Part 3 Thomas is a curious little thing, too bad he is painfully shy. He covertly watches his fellow classmate Sammy whenever he gets the chance. Rumor has it that Sammy is a submissive, and the stunning collar he wears around his neck is symbol of his Dominant's ownership. Thomas is a brilliant art student. One who has been quietly researching the BDSM lifestyle and he's dying to know what it is like to have that kind of upfront honesty in a relationship even if it's a brief one. Thomas was intrigued by the thought of belonging to someone, and being strictly honest and straight with the person you are with. He so wanted to know what it's like to have someone fully devote themselves to you and your well being. He wasn't so sure about the canes, and the pain factor of the lifestyle, but even that didn't deter his curiosity. If he could just develop the nerve to approach the only person he knew that could possibly introduce him to what he wanted, then he would be fine or at least he hoped so. Part 4 Callum O'Connor was referred to Club Bliss by his friend and current employer Nolan, owner and Master Dominant of The Dungeon. His boss had set up a meeting with friend and the owner of Bliss, Julius. Callum was very impressed with the club and the assortment of Dominants that Bliss had to offer. The security screening done at Bliss was almost as amazing as Nolan's club, The Dungeon. But as Nolan's head chef at the club, he didn't want to mix business with pleasure. After overcoming a heart wrenching past, Callum finally felt that he was ready to immerse himself back in the lifestyle after what happened with his last Master. Hopefully he didn't make the wrong decision, and hopefully he can get a second chance in finding the connection to a Dominant he so desperately needed.


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by ladydianna01