Mates with a pack w...
By XxxGraysonxxX
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Azalea Banks, the best warrior you'll probably ever meet. She can excel in everything thing that involves fighting or war. She's the best in her pack, but this pack is small and crappy. What happens when she enrolls herself in the academy for pack warriors? But she's the only female wolf there. But there's a twist. Azalea isn't fully wolf like she thought she was. Zayn Thompson, the head warrior at the academy. He is best at everything, and he meets his match. Azalea. He lives the high life, got everything he wanted, and loving parents. What happens when he smells watermelon and citrus one day? Zayn is infuriated that Azalea is surrounded by all male wolves. But never the less he is happy he finally found his mate.

Chapter 1

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Mates wit...
by XxxGraysonxxX