Beyond The City (BT...
By BeautyAndTheBrain
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*Sequel to Belong To The City* After their tragic breakup that was sure to ruin them, August and Cyntheia are on two different playing fields when it comes to moving on. Going through girl after girl, August is unsuccessful in getting rid of the memory of his first love and with the constant reminder of his infidelity knocking at the back of his head, moving on is harder than it looks. After the tragic events that were sure to change her for good, Cyntheia is slowly getting back to the woman she once was with the people she loves by her side.Not only that, but the new bundle of joy on the way is making this mother to be, want nothing but the beat for not only her family, but herself, but the skeletons in her closet seem to be endless. BeautyAndTheBrain

Beyond The City (Sequel to BTTC)

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Beyond Th...
by BeautyAndTheBrain