After Biting the He...
By Yuri_allrounder
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THE WORK IS NOT MINE, FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY Title: 咬了女主一口,恶毒女配变A了[穿书] [Atypical abo, female a without organs] Jiang Xuenian wore a book, and dressed like Jiang Xuenian, the female supporting character of an abo color novel. The male protagonist is her elder brother, an S-class alpha, handsome without a wife. When the pheromone bursts, it can make all the omegas within a radius of one kilometer have soft legs. The heroine is her brother's Bai Yueguang Shi Qing Fan, a top omega, a delicate beauty, and a trace of pheromone can make an alpha within a radius of ten kilometers go crazy. And Jiang Xuenian, in the future, will be differentiated into an ordinary beta, because he is jealous of the beauty of the heroine, he will continue to sow discord, causing misunderstanding between the hero and heroine. Jiang Xuenian has a lot of headaches, I can do beta, but I can't be a vicious female match! Before the heroine left the ordinary school, Jiang Xuenian changed his domineering style and became a rainbow bastard by Shi Qingfan's side. Jiang Xuenian: Qingqing, your beauty makes everyone excited! Shi Qingfan: Does everyone include you? Jiang Xuenian: Huh? Looking at the top beauty close to him, Jiang Xuenian's face flushed red, his heart beat faster, and an inexplicable impulse surged in his heart: Bao, including. Shi Qingfan's eyes contained fire that would melt people, and he whispered: "Prove it to me." Jiang Xuenian was fascinated by the seven meat and eight elements, and the ghosts and gods sent a bite on the glands of Shiqing Brahma. The next day, Shi Qingfan differentiated into a soft-bodied top omega, while Jiang Xuenian differentiated into a once-in-a-hundred-year sss-level alpha. Jiang Xuenian: This is different from what is written in the novel! Growing Worker Rainbow Fart Affinity Max Top Alpha & Peak Self Strategy

Chapter 1

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After Bit...
by Yuri_allrounder