The Dark Alpha
By TheSydneyMarie
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LIMITED TIME: Read this story to win 100 FREE coins (1000 winners) until July 17! 1 part read = 1 entry. Plus, your entries from the last round still count. So keep reading to increase your chances to win! *** Sheltered shifter Celeste runs away after disappointing her parents with another failure to secure a worthy mate bond, but she accidentally stumbles onto the land of a brutal Alpha in dire need of his mate; it just so happens that his soulmate is her. Season 1 of The Dark Alpha *** Controlled by her ambitious parents, Celeste's sole purpose has always been procuring a mate bond with a high-ranking wolf. Their pack's future Beta is her last chance to secure her family's name, but when Celeste's sister is mated to the Rowan Beta instead, a humiliated Celeste runs away onto unclaimed land. Her taste of freedom is thwarted the second she trespasses onto the territory of the enigmatic and feared Alpha Theo Draven. Though there is no more impressive mate than an Alpha, the seductive mate bond that solidifies between her and Alpha Draven only makes matters worse. Her family and her pack urge Celeste to leave her new Alpha mate, concerned for her wellbeing and safety, but Celeste can't seem to let the dark Alpha go, sparking a war with her caught in the middle.

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The Dark...
by TheSydneyMarie