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Basira is a 15-years-old Arabic girl who lives with her two big brothers and parents. One night her parents are assassinated and the girl swears she will kill the attackers. After her parents' death, Abbas, her bigger brother starts training Basira and her other brother, Amir. Basira was an ordinary thief. She stole what she saw, those being: jewelry, food, clothing, even a horse. But everyhting stopped the moment she had started her training. She trained day and night because her brothers didn't want their sister to be someone 'weak'. Like this she became one of the best assassins in the entire Arab Country. She assassinated people who were bad or hated by the others. This made her got a lot of money and buy a huge house. But all her plans were disturbed when she sees a blue being in the middle of the desert. Should she help him or leave him rot there? I do not own any of the characters except my OCS. The rest of the cast is owned by James Cameron.


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Fall in l...
by theyrefavgirl