The Alpha's Luna
By proteus912
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If you enjoy this story please check out my rewritten version on my profile. Landon stood up and pressed Lyla against the wall so she couldn't escape. He then placed his hand on Lyla's chin and made her look at him. He then kissed her. It felt so good to be kissing his mate. It felt right. But Landon could kiss her to his heart's content when this was done, "this might hurt a bit darling, but before you know it, you will feel nothing but pleasure." Lyla felt her knees trembling with fear, "what? Let me go." Landon shook his head. He then looked at Lyla where her neck met her shoulder. He kissed it before he let his fangs elongate and he bit her. Lyla wanted to scream in pain as she felt Landon bite her. This was horrible. This was torture. But as soon as Landon's teeth had pierced her skin, Lyla felt nothing but pleasure. She felt happy. She felt warm and tingly inside and she was glad that she was pressed up against Landon. This was the most pleasurable feeling she had ever felt and Landon was right. Lyla screamed once more when Landon removed his teeth. All she felt was pain again and she slid down the wall and hugged her knees. What did Landon do to her? Did he want her to feel that much pain? And the pleasure was not enough for Lyla anymore, "what did you do to me?" "I marked you," replied Landon. "Marked me?" "Yes, darling. We have a bond now that can't be broken. You can run away, but you can't hide and I will always find you." Lyla Boyle never thought that she would be thrown into the world of werewolves, something she never believed in. But she was. And she never thought that she would be mated to an Alpha Wolf but she was. And now Lyla has to learn to live in a world that she never believed in and she didn't want to believe in it. With the turned wolves on the prowl for revenge, Lyla will be in danger, she will discover secrets that she never thought she would and maybe she will learn that it is easy to fall in love.

Rewritten version

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The Alpha...
by proteus912