Destined to be your...
By AnushaNayak086
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Jeon Jungkook the king of Euphoria Dynasty who is very calm and very deserving person for whom his kingdom is very important and want their happiness and comfort... his parents died in a war and he lives with his brother Prince Jimin and his right hand and commander jung Hoseok... Byun Taehyung? lives in mystic Dynasty with his parents and brother he is being abused by his parents domestically... he is working in the kingdom's minister's house as a maid where his brother byun baekhyun studying in the school... one day his parents decided to sold him to their king who is a monster who makes them as his slaves and baekhyun listened their plan and saw his taking some gold coins as advance so he made his brother to escape from them and run away somewhere..... and Taehyung reached to an lethal(deathly) forest.... can he able to cross the forest and reach Euphoria Dynasty.... if he does then what happens with him in the Euphoria Dynasty.... taekook ff... top kook bottom tae royalty Intersex bottoms male lactation mpreg. violence war... angst... happy ending... side ships included


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by AnushaNayak086