Her Savior
By EraRexon
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"How many times do I have to tell you...do not appear in front of me." "B-But b-brother I wanted to give these flowers to you-" "Little girl.. I am not your fucking brother." A single rose from her fingers was snatched furiously but was at last was accepted by the male in mafia. _________________________ In a fight between Sylvesters and Villars, two opposing clans of Mafia regime whose empires always clash, the newborn daughter of the Sylvesters is stolen and delivered at the footsteps of their enemy for them to kill her and extract their vengeance. It is just that a baby that looks even more fragile than a petal makes the monster question his conscience. Muscular fingers wrapped around the nape of the neck that was even more soft than a cloud and the hand that belonged to the devil trembled. Crying of the small baby echoed as she woke up from her slumber and looked at the man who was ready to take her life. At that moment a miracle happened. Pearl like tears droplets tumbled down her cheeks before her azure eyes watched the black painting on his hand and she laughed like jingling bells. And just like that even the demon was enchanted. "Rue...she will be named Rue." The one who is like moon. Gentle and pure, just like a flower. "She shall become my daughter-in-law." And that was how her fate since birth was tied to the one that only knows to hate- Kharsan ______________________


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Her Savio...
by EraRexon