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By supranovas
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After a 5 year hiatus from music, Aaliyah is ready to make her long-awaited comeback. The fickle music industry has changed drastically since her last album, and Aaliyah struggles to navigate the new digital age of YouTube, social media, and iTunes. Constant demands and conflicts in both her professional and personal lives threaten to derail her plans for a musical redemption. Still dealing with the messy fallout from her highly successful third album, she finds herself in a creative rut while working on her next project. Seeking inspiration, she turns to her good friend, Static, an exceptional lyricist and a pillar of support. Together, they pour their hearts and souls into crafting music that resonates with their shared experiences, determined to create a new album that is authentic to who she is now. Over late night studio sessions filled with laughter, tears, and hard truths, their deep connection evolves into something more profound - one that will force them to make difficult choices about loyalty, friendship - and love.


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