Stranger Things Hav...
By TheAuroraMarie
  • Horror
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  • rabids
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The year is 2018. 2 years ago 95% of the world’s population was infected with a lethal disease turning people into mindless flesh-eating Rabids. Leaving Cassandra, her 3 other siblings, and the other 5% of the world’s population to try and rebuild a government. The only problem with that is Cassandra has no clue if there is even anyone else alive besides her and her siblings. There's also this weird thing of how she can’t get infected with the disease and how she can’t help think her father might have had something to do with the world ending. On top of that she also has to deal with practically raising her 3 siblings, one being a hormonal 16 year old boy, and the big group of survivors and their aggressive leader that she’s not sure she wants to trust. You know the usual things a 19 year old has to deal with.

Pecan Gap, Texas

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by TheAuroraMarie