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The Chronicles of Ishmirban: The Fire Stone, is a two part fantasy story, which turns into a mystery adventure, spreading across time-lines and other worlds. The two central characters, Chase and Amy are both ten, or are they? They meet in the second chapter of Part 1, when Chase is watching Weir House, where he believes the cellar 'swallowed' his family on a stormy night the year before, and a fire breathing dragon chased him through the woods. Chase helps Amy to overcome her fear of riding after a horrific accident leaves her badly scarred and kills her beloved horse. She in return agrees to help Chase find where his family have gone... But there is a twist... Chase has a dark side. There's a voice inside his head and an electric blue light arcs across his finger tips when he's mad or whenever he feels the need to heal someone... Part 1 of the Fire Stone has been removed and can now be found on Amazon. with a new cover. I am still continuing with Part Two here. Chapter 1 "Ishmirban" continues, above Part One so you don't have to hunt for it. I will try to add the chapters quickly, only the 'start reading' button doesn't start there.... so click here Please vote and comment if you can. Thank you for stopping by. I have no choice other than the PG13, it's all there is! Book 2. The Eye of Capricorn. (Coming later)

The Chronicles of Ishmirban; The Fire Stone: Part 2 Chapter 1: Ishmirban

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TCI: Book...
by SpydersStories